Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat

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Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat

bulletproof sleep induction mat

Everybody knows how important sleep is. Have you ever stopped and thought about an important part of the process in the pillow you use? Most people probably do not go to this level of detail. News flash.. you should!
If you care about your nutrition, you most likely read labels for what exactly are the ingredients used in what you are eating. (at least you definitely should be) This should not be limited to food. Everything your body and mind is exposed to from clothes, beauty products, and environment, impacts your health more than you realize. For example, your pillow is typically made from common textiles such as conventional cotton. Fun fact, the conventional textile industry has an extremely low regulatory standards compared to food and therefore typically lower quality products. They figure most people won't second guess what their pillows are made from, and they are almost always right. Most people are sheep and if you are reading this post, you have higher standards and value your health and wellness. Good news is there is a better option. Organic pillows made from aloe Vera exist. Also, uniquely therapeutic additions such as bulletproof mats will help you too. This special type of mat for your bed serves as a form of massage therapy and acupressure by stimulating pressure points. Here are some of the benefits of using a Bulletproof sleep induction mat made from organic hemp and cotton:

  • Profound relaxation
  • Upgraded sleep
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Energy increase
  • Endorphin release
  • Stress reduction

To learn more details of Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat benefits and uses, go here

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