Meet Our Team

Our company creator entered the world of health and fitness as a new year's resolution in 2010. High school was a struggle being overweight. At this time, he realized change was needed. He decided to make the commitment to continuous improvement and never looked back. This small step in the right direction progressed into a passion. His passion evolved into him becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. He always had a mindset for sports and competition. Adam is hyper-competitive and loves playing  all sports. He started playing hockey at 8 years old, and still plays. He takes time to slow down and practice yoga in between strength training and high intensity interval training. He ran cross country at Schoolcraft College,  and has completed 3 full marathons. His love for pushing the limits of mind, body, and spirit will continue forever.

Now, he wants to help others transform themselves.  He gets fired up about about working with others with similar interests, so take advantage of it. Contact him to  receive a free world-class workout. If you have a passion for health and fitness and helping others achieve their goals, contact him to join the Higher Intensity Health team.

All of our team members have a passion for helping others reach their highest potential.


Shout out to these other great health and fitness enthusiasts that you should check out:

Chef Drew is a master of all raw vegan specialty dishes. Check out his Instagram page here.

Matt is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and specializes in strength training. Check out his Instagram fitness channel at GainGaing .

Etana is a soon-to-be NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and focuses on living and helping others live a healthy and active lifestyle. Check out her Instagram health and fitness channel here.

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