What people are saying

“I was sore for the entire week.”

Maddie S.

“That kicked my a**. I was dripping in sweat after the warmup.”

Matt H.

“I feel like a new woman. I feel so much more alert, it is very noticeable…”

Nikki N.

“At first I was worried the exercises would be way too hard for me. I doubted he would know how to handle somebody at such a lower level of fitness as I’m in my 50’s with arthritis. Decided to give it a chance, and now I’m hooked on yoga! I’ve been doing the routine he made for me everyday and excited to get another one soon. Yoga always makes my day feel so much better.”

Tracy P.

“I thought I was fit after running for a long time. Hill sprints were a wake up call, and was still sore days later. By far the most intense workout I have ever done, and this is after I passed the EMT physical test. Going to focus on upper body strength training to make it as a firefighter.”

Andrew T.

“At first, I was worried Adam wouldn’t push me hard enough. I took a long time off my conditioning routine since rugby season ended. We did some high intensity interval training and it made me sweat way more than rugby even. Looking forward to next week.”

John A.

“I always struggled finding motivation to exercise. I was afraid I would stop going even after deciding to try it. Adam makes working out fun. He motivates, inspires, and reassures me. Learning about the benefits makes me want to exercise more and stay active. Now, I have more energy and feel more productive. He taught me how I should train for my unique body type to get results. I am impressed with his passion for sharing knowledge.”

Lilly V.

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