Why You Should Have an Online Health Coach

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Why You Should Have an Online Coach

online health coaching

We are living in the age of information. Good news is there is also an abundance of knowledge available for free. So, with so much free information available, why would anyone hire an online coach to help them get in shape or improve their health and fitness?

The answer is simple - having all the information in the world doesn’t mean anything if you don’t execute properly.

The problem is that access to so much information ends up doing more harm than good. You find yourself bouncing around between different training programs and fad diets.

Truth is there is also a lot of misinformation, and fancy methods. These fancy over the top methods can work, but most of them aren’t necessary.

What works best now is the same method that has always worked:

Most people don’t want to set aside the extra time for planning. They just want a system they can follow that gets them results without having to think about it.

That’s what online coaching gives you!

Since I now offer online coaching as a service, I figured I should go over some reasons you should have an online health coach.

Faster Results

You know what you look like now and you know what you want to look like, but getting from where you are to where you want to be isn’t easy when you are figuring everything out on your own.

You could spend years experimenting with different training styles. Better option, how about just get serious about executing on the knowledge you can easily take from somebody who already spent this time for you?

One of the biggest hurdles we have to overcome when transforming our bodies is not overthinking everything.

While dieting, your mind and body will play tricks on you. One week you’ll be down on the scale but look worse. Another week, you might not have lost any weight but you look even leaner.

It takes a trained eye to spot these fluctuations and make the proper adjustments without overreacting.

This is why “thinking” often gets in the way of your results. You overthink, overreact, and don’t stick to the plan.

When you hire a coach, you have a system you can rely upon without having to think about it.

Basically, you can save all the time and hassle of the personal trial and error and get professional guidance that leads you to your goal much quicker.



More Affordable Than Hiring a Personal Trainer

Have you ever got quotes for a good personal trainer in your area?

They’re surprisingly expensive for how little you get from the service. Most don’t even provide a full nutrition plan.

There’s a simple reason for this - you’re paying for their time. Since they have to show up and spend an entire workout with you, it costs more because time is money after all.

While it can be useful to have a trainer show you proper form, most people can learn the proper technique by watching YouTube videos and practicing the lift.

Do you really need someone to pat you on the back after each set?


What you need is their knowledge and experience to ensure you are doing everything possible to maximize your results — that doesn’t require for you guys to ever meet up in person.

Investing Money Holds You Accountable

A financial investment is the motivator you need to hold yourself accountable because otherwise, you could be spending that money each month on plenty of other things that would add value to your live. How about saving money and adding significant value to the most valuable resource you own – your health?

When you spend money on something, you will take it more seriously.


If and when you are serious about getting results, contact me so you can start on your personalized training and meal plans.


Please share this post. For every new recruit you find who signs up for their first monthly subscription of a personalized planning system, you win a free month subscription to the system too.

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